Sunday, November 23, 2008

Contradictions In 'their' Ideology Provides Comprador Characteristics

Here is nothing new to produce before you, yet another reiteration of our old story, 'ghisi-piti story', in your own words. Some contradictions in their ideology are worth to read.

Himani Savarkar: President of the Abhinav Bharat and the Hindu Mahasabha, Savarkar had set up Abhinav Bharat in 1904 for an armed struggle against the British government. After the independence, the organisation was dissolved in 1952. She is the daughter of Gopal Godse, the brother of Nathuram Godse, and is married to Veer Savarkar’s nephew.
Himani Savarkar started working with the Abhinav Bharat (which is currently an unregistered organisation) in 2006. She claimed that she became the national president of the Abhinav Bharat eight months ago. "The main motto of the organisation is to oppose anti-national activities ..........The organisation does not support terrorism,"

She said, "I will provide legal aid to all the suspects who have connection with the Abhinav Bharat. The ATS has arrested one Rakesh Dhawade. I don't know who he is and why he was arrested, but I will help to him too. ...."

Himani, ".....Sameer Kulkarni and the others are patriots who love their country. But the government is now trying to declare them guilty to weaken the Hindus. We have become a soft state...should we all wear bangles now? The government doesn’t want to fight terrorism. That’s why it will never take action against the Muslims."

contradictions provides comprador characteristics
  1. ...does not support terrorism. and ...i will provide legal aid to all suspects......
  2. ...unregistered organisation. and ....motto is to oppose anti-national activities...
  3. Sameer Kulkarni (bomb blast masterminds) and the others are patriots who love their country

Conclusion in her own word

"We must declare ourselves a Hindu rashtra where everyone is a Hindu. Anyone who isn’t should be declared a second-class citizen and denied voting rights. Those who have problems with this should leave and settle in other countries. The Hindu vote bank must unite to vote out any government that fails to tackle terror. Then we must throw out the outsiders like Bangladeshis who live off India’s wealth and work towards destroying us."

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


MaaSaheb Aamhi Nalayak Tharalo,
Matechi Badnami Zali Asata,
Chukichya Margadarshanane Shandhasarkhe Thand Rahilo,
Jasa Dhagadhagatya Varasacha Kolasa Vhava.

Once the popular among Maratha-Bahujan 'Shri Sambhaji Bhide Guruji', on his direction lacs of Maratha-Bahujan were jumped into fire, thousands of them have literally turned themselves into BhideGuruji, hundreads of them were staunch supporter of his madness.

This so called Guruji runs an organisation named 'Shivpratishtan' since last many years in Maharashtra, mainly around Kolhapur and Sangli. His targeted audience is above 18 youth and 'Bhatalalele' Leaders. The main functions of his organisation are to propagate Chatrapati Shivaji Raje's work through 'MOHIM' and Gurujis lectures. He has exhibited his strength time to time by organising 'Gad-Mohim' with thousands of Marath-bahujan youth and establishing many branches in rural and urban. He had remarkable massbase.

Gurujis guidance to Maratha-Bahujan youth-
1. to generate hatred against politics and politicians among Maratha-Bahujan.
(Rajkaran he lucchya lafangyache kam aahe - Bhide Guruji.)
2. to generate hatred against muslim among Bahujan.
(Bhide Guruji has plenty of muslim freinds. he used to join their Iftar party also.)
3.Chatrapati Shivaji Raje after meeting with muslims takes bath and befor to proceed his administrative work takes 'Devdarshan'.

BhideGuruji and their followers opinion
This Bhideguruji is spoilling life of Maratha-Bahujan youth by consuming their invaluable time for senseless and rashtradrohi work. Indrajit Ghatage of Kagal once the staunch supporter of Guruji for 8 years says," inspiration and name of Chatrapati Shivaji Raje attracted me towards this organisation. I worked hard to propagate Gurujis ideology, organise Mohim. This all for Shivprabhu. But the attitude of seniors of this organisation was different than what we expected."
Indrajit while reiterating his allegation on Guruji told that
1. Bhide Guruji never told us about his 25 years attachment with RSS. (even after asking him about it)
2.The amount of 1000 'Raja Shivchatrapati' books of Baba Purandare was gulped by Bhide Guruji of our only unit.
3.Bhide Guruji showing Sanatan Prabhat's book as evidence used to mention Rashtrapita Jyotirao Phule as 'Nich' (derogatory mention).
4. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar once went to Raygad and maligned the memorial of Chatrapati Shivaji Raje. (Guruji told followers come to Sangli, i'ii show you its evidence. He never produced evidence then for what he was lying is exposed now.)
5.Guruji on James Laine issue was neutral. When we asked him about it his answer was politics is not our field and such defaming would not damage the image of Shivprabhu was shocking to us. This 'Shandha'like answer of Bhide Guruji separated us from him and his organisation.
I, Indrajit Ghatage, challange Bhide Guruji to debate face to face on any platform.
Let me tell you this is one who realised their identity and above all the traitors of BHARATMATA is start of his journey into Bahujan movement.
There are many like Indrajit experienced as Ashok Shirole of Karnur, Bhikaji Magdum of Bamani, Satish Karale of Nipani, Krishnat Shende of Kagal, Amit Ghatge of Kagal, Baburao Lohar of Appachi Vadi, Ramdas Patil of Kolhapur, Sachin Ghorpade of Karnur, Arun Patil of Kognoli decided to separate from Shivpratishtan and established SHIVRAJYAMANCH.
Bravo! Bravo!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lalmahal, Dadu Konddev and Pune

Ninad Bedekar, Baba Purandare and Satchinanad Shevade
-Lalmahal, Dadu Konddev and Pune-
Ninad Bedekar, once he was historian (now resigned his job) and expert in Modi and Farsi language has not yet proved himself as historian. He has attempted to publish a picture of Chatrapati Shivaji Raje with four hands and in return got slapped by Sambhaji Brigade youth.
In 2000, he proposed Pune Munciple Corporation to permit him to establish a group sculpture of Dadu Konddev, Bal Shivaji, Rajmata Jijau Masaheb in Lal Mahal, Pune. Suspending Shahaji Raje and appearance of Dadu Konddev offered James Laine a background to write such a filth (Hindu King in Islamic India). Now PMC will remove Dadu Konddev from this sculpture and Shahaji Raje will be established on his place (Dadu Konddev is Shivaji's mentor has no historical evidence- Cultural Deptt, Maharashtra. Indian Express,17th June). This will end the century old cospiracy to make Brahmin as Shivrai's Guru. Ninad Bedekar, in recent time, was the brainchild of this conspiracy. Still he is fighting to get a stay on the removal of Dadu Konddev's sculpture.
Baba Purandare, once the popular shahir of Maharashtra. what is on his credit is couple of books on Shivrai and Janata Raja natya. In his lifetime he has not been composed and played a shahiri, still he loves to be Shahir. His mission is to destroy the image of Chatrati Shivaji Raje as inspiration to millions of bahujan. It has plenty of evidences in his books. Baba Purandare is the source of James Laine and Ninad Bedekar to malign image of Shivrai. In Solapur, Baba Purandare was slapped by Sambhaji Brgade when he recommended James Laine's above book.
Shevade, supporter of above conspirators.
Lal Mahal, Pune where Chatrapati Shivaji Raje spent their earlier time with Shahji Raje and Jijau Masaheb, where they learnt what is 'Swarajya', where Shahaji Raje- Jijau Masaheb prepared Shivaji Raje to create Swarajya, where Shivaji Raje met Jagtguru Tukobarai, where Shivaji Raje- Jijau Masaheb- Chatrapati Shahaji Raje created swarajya for Bahujan.
Pune, where Purandare, Bedekar, Shevade three brahmins have decided to erode the Bahujana's inspiration.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Navneet Publications (Vikas Work Experience) Conspiracy.

Navneet Publications Vikas Work Experience.
In a chapter on Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s birth anniversary, students have to answer questions on casteism, and are introduced to words like Bhangis, Chamars and Mahars, apart from Dalits. But there is no mention of Dr Ambedkar’s role as the lead author of the Indian Constitution, or of his winning the Bharat Ratna.

Jeetubhai Gala, director of Navneet Publications, which publishes the guide book, says no changes have been made so far due to an “increased project load”. “References, words and meanings change according to context. Our aim is to bring Dr Ambedkar closer to students, and teach them to live in a society without caste division. The chapter is in keeping with the conditions that existed then. We accept our inability to effect changes in updated copies so far,” he says, “but the changes will be made in the next edition.”

Bhakti Vartak, principal of Utkarsh Vidyalay, Virar bringing the issue to her notice: “The writer does not adhere to the Constitution or the Prevention of Atrocities Act which disallows classifying anyone according to caste.”

the sentences are in the present tense. A sample: “Some people do not treat Dalits like human beings—they don’t touch them, give them low jobs and Dr Ambedkar would have been angry with this.” The last para talks of how people garland statues of Dr Ambedkar, and how on April 14, Dalits clean their localities and take oaths to eradicate the caste system.

The questions at the end of the chapter have little to do with the contents.
One question goes: Mark true or false—”Atmaram Bhangi has a clean bath before he goes to the temple.”
Another one asks whether Dr Ambedkar was a doctor who gave medicines to sick people.
The last question asks students to briefly describe how Dalits were treated in earlier times.
“The Maharashtra government has withdrawn its approval of the guide book. It is illegal if the school is using it,” says Vasant Kalpande, director, State Textbook Bureau.

Education Secretary Sumit Malik has said he would look into the matter and take action.

The errant text
“Some people do not treat Dalits like human beings. They don’t touch them, give them low jobs (in present tense!). Dr Ambedkar would have been angry.”

Mark true or false: “Atmaram Bhangi has a clean bath before he goes to the temple.”

Was Dr Ambedkar a doctor who gave medicines to sick people?

DNA article.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jagatguru Tukobarai and HSC Board's worms

As 19 February Shiv-Janmotsav celebrated all over the nation on 21 February, 2006, Dr.Vasant Kalpande-Dir. Higher Secondary Board of Maharashtra State was busy in depicting Saint Tukoba, the mentor of Shivrai, in menial manner through question papers proving themselves the stooge of Brahminism.

The 12 th std. Marathi language question paper contained all this menial matter is more toxicant than the Manusmriti which insults shudra, atishudra and woman. That paragraph contains derogatory mention to Tukobarai was written by Adulaja Desai, which was selected by Kunda Pedanekar and included by Dr. Vasant Kalpande-Dir. Higher Secondary Board all are Brahmin, Board apologized on their act but with it Board should crush all 'bamani' insects scattered all over in state institutes, Prabhakar Pavade expressed their unrest against 'bamani' conspiracy to malign Bahujan idols..